plastering gypsum board

Gypsum Ceiling & Partition Services Dubai

Gypsum board has become an essential component for wall, ceiling, and partition systems these days. Are you a resident of Dubai and looking for any types of gypsum work Dubai? Alsekoun is a premier company for gypsum-related services and is committed to offering a high level of performance in a time when most of the service companies run after the money over the quality.

The Gypsum Service we offer

Our versatile and experienced workers are well trained in installing plasterboard and performing false ceiling work perfectly. Gypsum as a building material is being used mostly in wall partitions and false ceilings. Gypsum plaster which is used in making false ceilings is made of gypsum mineral by mixing with fiberglass.

Using Latest Technology

  •  Installation Gypsum Plasterboard
  •  Repair & Maintenance of Gypsum board
  •  Construct Newly Gypsum Wall & Partition
  •  Prepare a beautiful False Ceiling
  •  Gypsum fiberboard
  •  Gypsum Tiles
  •  Other gypsum-related work

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