Screeding Services In Dubai

Our team of experts have over 10 year’s knowledge in all types of floor screeding, including fast drying, free flowing and traditional screeding services in dubai. We ensure that PP fibres are in all of our Screeds, as a cost effective route that reinforces the screed. We have a proven track record in delivering high quality product & Service across a wide range of market sectors.

Screeding Products & Services We Offer:

  •  Bonded Screed, Un-bonded Screed, Floating Screed and Screed over Underfloor Heating
  •  Fast Drying Floor Screed – strong and quick drying
  •  Structural Screeds – with insitu topping, with shear and compressive forces, making it very heavy duty
  •  Free Flowing Screeds – self levelling and self- compacting, this is perfect for most commercial and domestic buildings
  •  Screed Reinforcement – repairs and reinforcement of existing screed

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